Research interests: movement ecology, migratory connectivity, population dynamics, migration, and seasonal interactions

In my research I integrate field observations, sophisticated tracking technology, advanced statistical modeling and isotope ecology to address components of the following question: how does movement and behavior shape individuals, populations and communities? Identifying how different phases of the annual cycle interact to shape individual-, population- and community dynamics, is needed to understand how they respond to global change. Revealing the mechanisms underlying wildlife responses to a changing environment requires identifying when and where in the annual cycle populations are limited and where they face the greatest threats. I use multi-faceted approaches to identify where migratory individuals and populations are throughout the year to determine how the conditions they experience influence life-history and demography.

Michael T. Hallworth, Ph.D. Ph.D. Envtl Sci. & Public Policy, George Mason University
Postdoctoral Fellow M.S. Biology, Plymouth State University
Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center B.S. Biology, Plymouth State University

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Below are a few videos describing some of my recently published research